La Quiete is the ideal Assisi hotel for your relaxing holidays and dedicated to ancient and contemporary culture and history.The history of the Sacred Convent are obviously connected to those of the Basilica, a story rich in details where the friar Giuseppe da Copertino lived between 1639 and 1653. Also used on the occasion of the visit of Eleonora Gonzaga-Nevers, wife of Emperor Frederick, in April 1653 a small apartment was set up (where some memories from that time are still kept) adjacent to the Chapter Room. After the sacking of the Napoleonic troops of 1798, which marked the life of the Convent and the Francecan community, it was the suppression of the religious orders following the Unification of Italy, in Umbria anticipated to 11 December 1860 due to the so-called Pepoli Decree. On that occasion, the Municipality of Assisi established a "factory" which provided for the maintenance of some religious housed in a small area of ​​the Convent on the south-east side. The rest of the complex, after fourteen years of neglect, in 1875 became the seat of the national boarding school for elementary teacher orphans. Only in 1927 the Convent was returned to the Friars Minor. Discover its excellence ..., stay with us, we will give you all the details to undertake your tourist itineraries.