Discovering the typical Umbrian local tradition, can not but lead you to a stay in the Hotel Assisi of Hotel La Quiete, structure equipped with all the comforts that encompasses the culinary art and unique flavors. The Umbrian cuisine is remembered for the use of legumes and cereals and for the processing of pork and the production of cured meats.
A specialty of the Umbrian gastronomy is the cake to the text, which arises as an alternative to bread in the lunches of peasant families and owes its name to the hob, called precisely "text", or the brick tile on which, in ancient Rome , the focaccia were cooked. Hotel La Quiete is located in an enviable position, a short distance from historical centers, fascinating artistic beauties, unique and breathtaking landscapes: the hotel staff La Quiete will be at your disposal to suggest the itineraries that best meet your needs, organizing for you wonderful tours.